People with a bad attitude make a potential dangerous driver while

education has nothing to do with a bad attitude

 People of all age's try to cheat death and think it's funny or clever while driving

  Parents do it every day and admit they would not pass a driving test

so what the heck are they doing by being a mentor of driving?

This answer is simple! parents and everyone who are driving, do not have a mentor advising

 them about bad behavior, and if someone speaks up there will be an argument or bad feelings :WHY?

1. Because it is not a requirement by a rule and everyone has their own pride of "I know what I'm doing"

2.The other major factor for parents is to have the reliable service of an honest Driving Instructor

who will not rip you off in time & money, so my advice is to speak to your friends and inquire about

3. the Cost,

4. the Duration of the lesson,

5. distance traveled,

 6.  find out what was practiced,

7. the manner of the Instructor,

8. wasted time spent waffling on about the Instructors home life and hobbies,

9. The paperwork provided. the knowledge and response to questions

Remember' it is important to have the best Instructor for a lifetime life saving mentoring lesson

You do not like being told something about your driving no more than your son daughter

being told "if you don't clean up your bedroom its going in the garbage bin".

Wollondilly Driving School,

 Driving skill in the Wollondilly Shire for 39 years.

There is no doubt having years of experience with all types of transport,

 earth-moving equipment and interstate haulage

  Imparting skills for 39 years as a driving instructor is a huge benefit to students.

We service the region as the best driving school in Wollondilly the Southern Highlands

and MacArthur to provide better cost effective driving lesson 

 The success of Tim Clarke being the most patient driving instructor

If cost is a factor there is no other who competes to provide better cost effective driving lessons

I do not waste your time parked at the side of the road and I  I hold a Senior First Aid Certificate
Developing a good habit begins at this age,
 This little man now at 30 months knows how to steer correctly