During the course of instructing my observation

of learner drivers attitude and

mannerism, their willingness to participate in the tasks

required to achieve a high standard of driving skill is how I decide

who is more deserving of extra time at no extra charge

For new students who have the dream of getting their licence

within a given time please take this advice

Present yourself for a driving lesson with dignity

Be showered and have clean clothes with proper enclosed  shoes


Your parents have the instructors number

if they need to contact you

Do not cancel a lesson so you can watch your

mates play football or other sporting activity

Do not cancel a lesson so that you may

attend a sporting practice

Manage and maintain your log book, keep it clean, keep

 it updated, It is the learners responsibility! 

You are over 16 years of age, act responsibly

Learn how to answer a phone correctly

Learn how to get home from the post office

so you can describe where you live.

                 When I ask for directions from a 16yr old "How do I get to your 

house from the Post Office?  they usually say!

"hang on ill get mum'

For mothers I have this advice,

Teach your son/daughter how to manage

the log book "it is not your job"

                 (Mothers are very good at doing their school
assignment and the learner log book)
Mum' You must take a stand for the sake of your
young one to learn how to be responsible
 Should you continue to do it for them you are depriving

them of the ability to think and act for themselves

Teach' how to have a personal handkerchief

  or tissues and the use

It is dreadful to sit with someone for more than an hour

sniffingand snuffling, sneezing wiping their hands

on their clothes or the steering wheel

using their hand and wiping snot everywhere

These are some of the tips to get better results