Hi, Tim
Trevor here;
I just have to tell you how happy my wife & I are that you took our daughter for driving lessons as we were amazed with the result of the first lesson and then  another 4 lessons for our daughter to get her provisional licence.
In the beginning I thought who needs a driving school Wrong!
 I took my daughter out for her first driving lesson. I don't know which of us was more scared “
She'd read the driver's manual twice.
She'd seen her mother and me drive since she was a baby.  After all that, you'd think she could simply get in the car and drive, right?   Wrong!
 Just pulling out of the driveway and going to the supermarket nearly resulted in two collisions, and three heart attacks.
The kid on the bikes she nearly ran over on the second lesson but after your help, all our lives changed for the better
yesterday, she aced her drivers test and got her license.  Do you know what made the difference?
It wasn't reading the driver's manual, although I'm sure that helped.
 It wasn't years of observing how other people drive, although I'm sure that helped, too. drive, although I'm sure that helped, too. What changed her from being a wreck-waiting-to-happen, into the newest licensed driver?
 It was someone who had already been there, and done that, someone who could guide her, instruct her, and show her how it's done.
 I paid to send her to Wollondilly Driving School...
You see, I was too terrified to ride with her again!
 Now I have no problem riding with my daughter, because she's become an excellent driver.
 It stands to reason "If you want to learn how to do something, find someone who's already incredibly successful at it, and model his/her success"
 I say to everyone now,  think about it!

 Before you got behind the wheel, didn't driving seem like something really difficult and implicated?
  That's the secret to why people succeed to be a good driver is to contact Tim at Wollondilly Driving School because he gives the time and patients with young students and he keeps the price right.

I sincerely thank you for your help to keep sanity in our family