TAKING LESSONS $60 in your car for 1hour & 30 min

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Tim does not provide a vehicle
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     Champion Driver (Emma Wardle) above now drives a NSW Ambulance

The most dangerous driver 'UTE DRIVERS'    Look At this LINK
NOTICE: We are not taking bookings at this time
I will notify on this site when I am available
         Keep monitoring this site for updates: Celebrating 49 years

It’s what you need to know

Imparting knowledge and skill for learner drivers

This is for Tahmoor, Picton, Wollondilly, Mittagong, Bowral

                 Criminal drivers Bulling on the road every day
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HOT TIPS TO LEARN                                                                    
                         Ashleigh Davis-Thompson Karlee Migan  Mellissa Abela  Makiah  Pippen            
See HERE  Tahmoor Driving School, Champion Drivers 

When Tim commences instructing he will

 blow the lesson cost with a huge surprise

He will be charging $65 for one hour & thirty minutes

If you are in the health care profession you will benefit with a reduction of $10 each lesson

Is this your area ? Picton, Tahmoor, Bargo,
  1.  Wilton, Yanderra , Thirlmere, Yerrinbool,
  2.  Lakesland Mittagong, Hill Top, Bowral, Moss vale

  GET THE PICTURE Watch my video YouTube  THIS LINK

See below 2013 Champion drivers Emma Wardle and Alex Harrison


   Learner to the Highway, Scott proudly showing his P plate

Award winning driver with Tahmoor Driving School Scott

He honed his skill in the Adelaide X Police
V.L Commodore and now commands a N.S.W. Police
 Highway Patrol Car. And Luke MILLS. joined the ranks 2023
It goes to show that with the right attitude you will have great success
Text- while Driving  or using your phone $464, and 
Fatigue while Driving is the silent killer

No UTE service. or SUV or 4x4 Also if your car does
not have a standard hand brake "NO Lesson  
  Mistakes made by students

1.      When contacting a driving school and you address your introduction as ‘HEY Mate’

2.       You will not get a esponse

3.      You send a text without adding your name & location You will not get a esponse

4.      As a student with a polite attitude and respect for others you should do well

5.      Tim has no time for anyone with a bad attitude, as it’s the playground for the BULLY

6.      Every day on the roads the bully displays their mannerism and cause accidents

7.     To cancel a lesson because it is raining is neglecting a serious responsibility to be a safe driver. Without this practice you are likely to have or cause an accident

  . You have only one life

Book a Driving Lesson,payment is structured for Auto or Manual