It had to surface some time.

Michael Mullally submitted this important link about the past history of Ballymore Eustace

In the late fifty's Tim Clarke declared to be one of the millionaires in Ballymore

Being forever trying to make a shilling growing up in Ballymore was at that time a daunting experience because there were few opportunities in the surrounding area.

I recall the memory of seeing older lad's with a 6 penny Ice cream and holding a Club orange in the other hand

I declared I would be a millionaire the day I could buy a 6 penny Ice cream and a Club orange at the same time 

Indeed it happened to me when movie Shake Hands With The Devil came to Ballymore   

I worked on the film set alongside many other lad's to the delight of getting a pound "yippee I was a millionaire and I purchased my first six penny Ice cream.

Since that time I have a clear memory of the difference in value and appreciation of the simplicity of being rich

Thanks to Michael Mullally for this important past & present link to Ballymore Eustace which is definitely worth viewing  HERE