At only 4 years of age my parents advised me to observe the spider creating their web
The word OBSERVE has served me very well during my growing up years
My observation for detail is very acute in my profession as a sewing master
In the Wollondilly area I am delighted to provide for you a sewing service that will delight you
Lately I have been in demand for Caravan curtains possibly  because of the best price
 I will visit you and and measure your requirements and help you with the best choice & decision
One very important policy I have always maintained is to not become  involved in big projects
and to complete a project in good time and of course the importance of quality  service and the reduced cost compared to elsewhere
I do not trust credit or debit cards or check's.
 I will require a cash deposit of $45 dollar non refundable for
 my service of traveling and attending your requirement to complete.
Say for instance your quote was only $50 you 
would then need to pay the balance of only $5.
Remember that I provide the best service and the best price.
Please Phone 0499-565517   You can also send a message Below

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