Tim Caretaker

Tim Caretaker is about caring for business and everyone

 associated with business for the betterment of their welfare

Tim Caretaker provides a service that is beyond the normal business standard
For instance: to provide a service to persons who need their vehicle
taken home at night in preparation for work next day
To cater for the person who has been widowed or lost their drivers licence
To cater for persons who have been doomed to loneliness
The business who have an existing account will benefit
with a free extension of service
For example, to pick  up and deliver vital items or parcel
on a turn around service within 15 KM
To transport a vehicle for mechanical service & return within 10 KM
We consider this service is badly needed because when you are
at your business you do not have the time for your urgent needs
Remember this service is free if you are an insisting customer
DISCLAIMER:  This service is not a Security Service or An Uber or Taxi Service
Any service previously provided by Tim Clarke will not change but the
description of service will be classified as caretakeing  service